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Everyone is capable of creativity

We believe nothing should be looked at in isolation and this is never truer than during the design process. Working as a cross-discipline team allows for bolder, more informed and focused ideas that keep the audience at the heart of everything we do. Our ideas and designs are always driven by meaningful insight , strategy, user experience and the technology we are designing for. Equally creativity should have no boundaries. We believe creativity is still one of the last legal means of driving unfair competitive advantage.
"Content comes in many forms; we tend to think of written content when the term is used, but the reality is, video and image content can be more useful when it comes to influencing search and social results.”

Helping your brand reach a new audience through Pay Per Click, Display, Social Ads and other social placements, optimising performance along the way. Reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message with the greatest efficiency and least amount of waste while maintaining a planned budget is Vikinguru Interactive Solutions goal for its clients.
Building interfaces with the user in mind

The ultimate task for any UI developer is to focus on the user first, creating a rich immersive interface that allows the user to achieve their goals. Our UI team work with a strict code of standards developed internally through combining industry thinking with our own experiences. Our design rationale lives on through the UI development, bringing intended interactions alive.
Not quite a 60-minute makeover

It's always realistic to create a new solution from scratch. Sometimes there isn't the time, or the budget. Sometimes the investment made to date can't be written off. As part of creating new relationships, we're happy to take ownership of an existing website or application. We will want to give it a healthcheck, and we'll want to continue to improve it's performance. We call this Renovation & Optimisation, and we find it's often the small wins that can have the most effect on performance.

If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry — your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead. – Jamie Turner

We develop powerful, highly interactive mobile apps that best fit your business requirements, streamline processes, and reinforce your brand image. Vikinguru Interactive will ensure your app meets Apple’s stringent review process and is submitted into the store the first time. Our strength lies in the fact that we are so much more than just an app development company. We build mobile experiences that your audience will never forget.


Everything we do is measured, performance driven and part of a bigger picture, your growth is always at the centre.


In every minute online:
Taking time to explore opportunities is crucial. We write it all down and define a plan of attack, timescales and agree a fixed budget. It’s a tried and tested approach.

Our creative is not built on luck. It's built on industry insight, target market understanding, creative messaging to set it apart from the competition.
From in-house social media training to social strategy – we can help you recognise the power of social for your brand. Innovative digital media buying carefully tailored to your specific business objectives.
It is crucial that online is a key consideration. We explore the potential and help you define and implement a solution that works within your overall marketing strategy.


Our expertise comes from years of experience, insight and hard work on behalf of clients across many industries. From e-commerce and business websites, to publication-focused and discussion platforms, we specialise in high-impact campaigns designed to maximise your online visibility, reach new audiences, and increase sales.

Corporate Branding
Offline Marketing
Advertising Campaigns
Event Marketing

Content Marketing

We offer an array of content experiences, to give your business the best opportunities for growth. Our experience in running creative campaigns gives you multiple ways to attract audiences and build customer loyalty. Our designers specialise in creating high-impact content for campaigns, enabling your business to stand out among your competitors.


Get insider knowledge on how to succeed in digital marketing – from those who have been there and done it. Our bespoke training programmes give you insights, skills and strategies you can quickly and easily apply to your business, website or campaign.

…Stand out of the crowd every customer is different. We ask questions, listen carefully, develop an understanding of what your web site needs to do for you, then deliver it. On time and on budget. With dedication, creativity and originality.
The results really make you stand out from your competitors.

Take the scientific approach to converting more visitors into sales. Using data and analytics we gather insight, make hypotheses, carry out tests, and confirm results. This proven methodology helps remove your buyers’ objections, and encourages your visitors to take your preferred actions.

Content Creation

Integrate great design with expert strategy to boost your brand, attract more visitors, and plant the seeds for long-term success. You get exceptional content, supported by a team of specialists who know how to magnify its impact in all the right places.


Sometimes you need a quick shot of high-level expertise to help you meet a business challenge. Our flexible consulting services enable you to tap into a resource of digital experts at any time. Get qualified advice on particular challenges facing your business and guidance on what’s working strategically and tactically.



One of today’s biggest challenges faced by organisations is getting to grips with the increasing complexity of a digitally connected world.. The team here at Vikinguru Interactive, provide strategic consultancy to help you succeed with the complexities. 
Innovative Thinking
Digital Transformation
Digital Disruption
Requirement Analysis
Actionable Outputs
Customer Experience Strategy
Data Strategy
Competitor Research
Measurable Results
Brand strategy
Marketing strategy
Technology strategy.

Things we can do for you

Vikinguru Interactive is a full service digital creative agency, we do it all, from start to finish. We connect people through the digital space. We put companies in touch with their customer’s and start conversations between brands and their audiences. We generate original ideas and we make them happen. Wherever, whenever, however.

Understanding your users' needs to design successful solutions.
Simple user centred solutions to complex problems.
Helping validate your solution with real life users.
Content managed solutions to increase customer engagement.
Our results-driven solutions speak for themselves.
Ecommerce Solutions
Digital commerce solutions that deliver conversions, sales and ROI.
Sophie Warner
Marketing Manager

“Vikinguru Interactive have been extremely easy to work with. They are organised and friendly and have an in depth knowledge of digital that becomes apparent as soon as you meet them.”

Ryan Hammond
EverPro Ltd
Project Manager

“After just three months together we made more progress than our previous agency had in 10 months. This growth in performance after such a short period has far exceeded our expectations. It seems rare that an agency can offer such a good service and terms at the same time.”